18 September 2009

Workplace Farewell

I received the most marvelous sendoff at work yesterday. While it was no secret I would be receiving a luncheon, I was completely blown away. I was summoned to the conference room to be greeted by not only my wonderful colleagues, but my family and Jim as well.  Balloons and a spectacular Bon Voyage poster graced the walls, and the conference table was loaded with a heavenly spread of middle eastern food, wine, and homemade dessert.  The owner of our company had paid for everything. I was also presented with some beautiful gifts and a card. I was astounded by the effort put forth by everyone, and will always cherish this memory.

About an hour before I left, my boss called me to his office to thank me for my hard work and let me know how valued I was, and how proud of me he was.  I very nearly began to cry, but managed to keep myself together. 

After the ritual of hugs throughout the office, I walked numbly out the door for the final time. I haven't even arrived in France yet, but my life is already forever changed.

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