21 September 2009

The Farewell Tour

Tonight, I leave for France.

This past week has been a flurry of goodbye dinners and lunches with family, friends, and colleagues.  

Highlights include:

My last costume ball board meeting at the Scarab Club, where my beloved fellow artists treated me to an adorable cake, dinner, and wine!

Goodbyes to Haley and Genna, who will be sorely missed! Haley gave me a beautiful pair of fleur de lis earrings and a matching necklace, and Genna crocheted me this adorable octopus amigurumi.  

A visit to MSU to say goodbye to my lovely sister Liz and her boyfriend Nick.  We toured the campus, feasted on bubble tea and insomnia cookies, and fed ducks on the Red Cedar river. 

An intimate crêpe dinner with my parents. Not only was the menu absolument délicieux, the opportunity to spend time with my parents will be treasured in the lonely weeks to come. Enclosed in a beautiful, encouraging card was a generous wad of Euros, which will come in very useful when I arrive in France.

My last Sunday playing piano at Saint Teresa of Avila.  Father Tom called me up for a special blessing, and a reception followed Mass, complete with delightful snacks and a massive cake. I was touched by the steady stream of well-wishers (many of whom I had never met before) who approached me to tell me how touched they were by my nine years of performing with the music program.  The singers in my group also presented me with a lovely card and necklace. While Metz may have a lofty gothic cathedral complete with Chagall stained glass windows, it will never match the lovely community I've had the privilege of playing for. 

Romantic dinner with Jim at Sweet Lorraines.  We're having a hard time saying goodbye, but we know this is the start of something wonderful.  I'm not going to lie, this is very difficult and I foresee a tearful goodbye a few hours from now.

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