02 September 2009

Bring on the Bon Voyage dinners!

I really should consider moving to France more often... The bon voyage dinners thus far have been delightful, and I anticipate quite a few more before I leave in 19 days! I feel immeasurable gratitude for all the wonderful people who care this much about me. I will miss them terribly.

Last month Aunt Pat and Grandma took me to The Hill in Grosse Pointe for filet mignon and crème brulée, and regaled me with tales of their adventures all over the world.

This past Thursday, I enjoyed French fare at What Crêpe with Genna, Nicole, and Amanda, and got to meet Amanda's newborn daughter, Cleora.

And last night, Jim's parents took me, Jim, his brother Chris, and Chris's girlfriend Marianne to Waves in St. Clair Shores for margaritas and seafood dinners that couldn't be beat! It meant the world to me that they wanted to celebrate my job in France, and I'm feeling more and more a part of the family. I love them.

I spent most of today washing clothes, packing, working on my ever growing to-do list, and shopping.  While it sounds like I've accomplished a great deal, I've really only succeeded in making a huge, chaotic mess on my bedroom floor... 

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