05 September 2009

New camera

Bring on the chateaux, cathedrals, lavender fields and mountain scenery! After much research (and two years with a Kodak camera that consumed batteries like it had a contract with Energizer) I have finally joined the ranks of the elite.  That's right, I finally got a Canon. Mr. Nawara (my watercolor teacher) couldn't speak highly enough about Canon, and most of my photographer and artist friends hold the brand in very high regard.

It's a Powershot SX 120 IS, and set me back about $250. 10 times optical zoom, 10 megapixels. I nearly purchased an exquisite $399 model, but thought better of it. If I'm going to drop that kind of money, I'd just as soon go for an SLR than a point and shoot. I also have visions of being mugged for it, like my cousin was on a trip to Poland. (To her credit, she put up a fight and got it back) Plus, I need to be extremely frugal from this point on, if I plan on traveling throughout Europe (and possibly Africa) during my stay there.

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  1. Hey Jamie

    I found you through the assistants forum -- I'm teaching in Rouen proper this next year with a 7 mos lycée contract. I just went through your past entries and it seems like we're all going through the same process and the same emotions. Crazy, huh?

    Anyways, looking forward to keeping up on your adventures through your blog. And someday I'll get around to updating mine too. :)



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