06 September 2009

Packing chaos

This is a bird's eye view of the chaos that is my bedroom at the moment, due to my efforts at packing for France. What you don't see is the mess that spills into the hallway.  I've concluded that one suitcase will simply not be enough to move across the ocean for nearly a year. Some stuff I definitely need has been packed, and then there's the vast majority of of my belongings that litters every horizontal surface... trapped in Traveler's Limbo. To pack, or not to pack?

Interesting how the condition of this room mirrors my current state of mind: confused, scattered, and overextended.  By this logic, my anxiety should be dissolved as soon as this mess is.  My mission today is to conquer this lawless cave of doom, and emerge composed, self-assured, and completely undaunted by this new life that awaits me in two weeks.  To think, my troubles can be over in a matter of hours.  

I think I'll take a nap first.


  1. Don't feel so bad, my room looks VERY similar and i technically can't start re-packing until a week because of my tonsillectomy :( bonne chance!

    p.s. have you tried those space bags? they worked pretty well for me :)

  2. Ugh, I need to start that same process pretty soon. And the worst part is that I moved into my mom's at the beginning of August after living in my own apartments for almost 4 years, so I don't even know where anything is!


  3. Until last night that's pretty much what my room looked like. I went on a cleaning rampage throughout the entire house (lots of company this week...ah!). Luckily that means 90% of the things I'm not taking are packed. I'm still wondering how everything will fit in 2 suitcases (I feel so lucky the United lets us have two free).
    I'd second the space bags. I've got a giant one for dresses/coats/sweaters and another for scarves/hats/gloves etc.

    best of luck!

  4. Jeez. Like bluedance, my room looked the same til last night. But then I got a weird burst of cleaning passion and organized and folded until 4:30 am. It looks a lot better now - though I'm not any closer to being ready to leave. Oh well, it will happen one of these days... Good luck!

  5. my room is in a similar state, i did clear a little path to make it possible to walk from one end to another!
    bon courage!

  6. Hey just wandered over from the forums. Glad to see other people going through my pain (I mean that in the nicest possible way!) The laws of physics are very much against me at the moment in terms of cramming all my must-haves into my luggage :( Good luck!

  7. Oh, I feel so far behind! I've done some storing, but no real packing, no real decisions about what's going. Yikes!

  8. You're not taking the fan, are you? :P


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