27 August 2009

Giving notice

As much as you fantasize about escaping the drudgery of normal life, do you ever notice how painful it is when you finally get what you wish for?

I worked up the courage to give a three week notice at a job I've held for three years. It was my first "real job" after obtaining my fine arts degree in 2006.  I was hired in as a design intern, but eventually ended up running the entire marketing department.  I probably learned more there my first six months of work than I ever learned in four years of college.  

Needless to say, I labored over my letter of resignation last night, agonizing over what to say.  I was trembling when I closed the door of my boss's office and broke the news to him, but his reaction diffused my tension.  When I told him I had a a job lined up in France, he was so genuinely happy for me, and he even gave me a hug.  He appreciated that I had given them longer than the standard two weeks to ease the transition process, and wants me involved in the hiring of the new employee.  The owner of the company was also very gracious to me, shaking my hand, and telling me that I am always welcome to return if they have room.  I decided to send an email to my coworkers rather than distract people one by one, and within 30 seconds, everyone was streaming into my office, squealing with delight, hugging me and congratulating me. It was lovely.  AND, they're planning a luncheon in my honor!

Through all the hardships that accompanied my job, it is really an outstanding group of people, and I will miss them.

I didn't expect to feel as saddened as I do.  Now that everyone at work knows, it's starting to become more... real. 

This is really happening... 

26 August 2009


I'm gathering the courage to give my notice of resignation at work tomorrow... for me, this is far more daunting than the upcoming move to Europe! I've written a cordial letter of resignation, which I will present to my bosses tomorrow.  I will update tomorrow with how it went!

23 August 2009

Officially certified to teach English as a second language!

Despite being one speeding ticket (no points), a U of M parking ticket, and $950 (class cost) poorer, as of today, I am nevertheless officially certified through Oxford Seminars to teach English as a second/foreign language (TESL/TEFL). Although not required for my upcoming teaching position in France, I decided to take the intensive 60 teacher training certification course to gain confidence in the classroom.  

My anxiety over teaching in a foreign country has diminished to a tolerable level, and I definitely have a firmer grasp of lesson planning, classroom management techniques, and teaching speaking, listening, reading, and writing. 

Needless to say, it's been three sleepless weeks, as the workload of this course was heaped onto my piles of other responsibilities (French paperwork, doctor's appointments, packing, freelance design work, etc). I was so relieved to complete the class that I promptly came home for a 4 hour nap. 

I leave in 28 days... and so much still needs to be done... including informing my boss that I'm leaving... the scariest part of all! 

I just need to have faith that I'll get everything done... Miraculously, up until this point in my life, I always have. 
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