25 September 2009

Metz, ma ville...

I arrived in Metz today.  Before getting into my misadventures of getting settled, I thought I'd share some views of my new 'home' for the next nine months... 

L'esplanade, one of many green places to enjoy in Metz

Le Graouilly, the legendary dragon that terrorized Metz in the Middle Ages until vanquished by Saint Clement. This sculpture appears on rue Taison.

Saint Etienne, the cathedral of Metz

A closer view of Saint Etienne

Stained glass windows in Saint Etienne by Marc Chagall

Interior of Saint Etienne

The Moselle River, overflowing with Swans, overlooking le Temple Neuf, a Protestant church.

Fall colors on the Moselle


  1. Oh Jamie! All of the photos you have posted so far are just gorgeous!

  2. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL, Jamie! I can't wait to see more :)
    <3 you!


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