28 May 2010

French Job offers

Since day one in France, I was determined to do everything in my power to stay here. Despite the catastrophes that seem to follow me to and fro, I truly believe that France is where I belong, at least for this part of my life.

Since March, I have been sending my CV to Universities and schools all over France, receiving mostly rejections or no response at all.  I've had a handful of interviews but nothing ever came of them. Most places told me that they have existing relationships with anglophone universities, and that English teaching jobs were reserved for this exchange. Or else, my NOT being a European Union citizen made matters too complicated. Or that all positions were filled... I was beginning to lose hope.

Today, imagine my surprise to find not one but TWO job offers to in my inbox! One from a business school just outside of Paris, and the other at a university in Toulouse! I'm trying not to allow myself to get excited, because who knows if these schools understand the visa requirements and intricacies surrounding the hire of an American... but I can't help but dance around my apartment and walk the streets of Metz with more spring in my step! The possibility of staying in France for another year has suddenly become very real.

::Croisant les doigts::

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