15 May 2010

Springtime in Metz

The abnormally long and cold winter in Lorraine has finally retreated, yielding to tulips, pansies, and hyacinths. The outdoor cafés of Place Saint Jacques are once again overflowing with patrons who come to sun themselves and sip Perrier or espresso.  Gone are the black pea coats; in are the sleek leather jackets, delicate scarves and sunglasses.  The fountain at the esplanade is once again gurgling with life, sending a pleasant mist into the air, and lovers inhabit nearly every park bench at the Plan d’Eau.  Kayakers and runners are out in full force along the River Moselle, as are children who come to feed the swans.  It’s so wonderful to see life breathed back into Metz. 

Le Jardin Botanique

Le Jardin Botanique

Avenue Foch

The Esplanade

Nothing like  a coffee en terrace at Place Saint Jacques

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