05 February 2010

3 Sentence Story contest

To amuse myself, but also in the slim hope of winning a vacation abroad, I entered a story contest through a tour company.  The conditions: Your story should describe one of your favorite travel moments, cannot exceed three sentences, 75 words, and 450 characters. Simple, right? Au contraire!  What started as a lark became quickly agonizing as I brainstormed and realized that it was impossible to describe the wonders of Egypt in so few words.  Eventually, I arrived at a three sentence masterpiece... that was inconveniently nearly twice the character limit.  Back to the drawing board.  I managed to whittle it down to this more succinct version here.  74 words and 438 characters!  If nothing else, it was a nice creative exercise and fodder for my blog!

A childhood dreamunquenchable as thirst in the Saharaled me to where minarets mingle with skyscrapers, where businessmen battle traffic while Bedouins in flowing robes navigate by the stars. I didn’t lose myself in the saffron perfume of spice markets, or between temple columns, but on a common Nile felucca, where I danced with Nubian sailors. In this singular moonlit moment, I was lost to the outside world, but I had found myself. 

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