30 November 2009

Just Dance!

I love sharing a home with a 10 year old. Nicolas makes me laugh more than anyone I know, and while his behavior is every bit what one might expect from, well, a 10 year old boy, I have to admit, life is much more exciting with him around! 

I recently introduced him to the music of Lady Gaga, and the priceless results are on film for your viewing pleasure. The most adorable part is how clearly he sings the chorus part "Just Dance," but how the rest of the song becomes gibberish. Adorable! Enjoy! 


  1. I am also an assistant and I just found your blog.

    You sound really happy and excited to be in France! I am going to try to have more of your positive attitude since I think it will help with the winter homesickness that I can feel coming one...

  2. Hi! I was a primary assistant during 07-08 in Ac-Limoges. I found your blog via Chaunoise (Shannon). I LOVE LOVE LOVE your videos!!!!!!!! They are so funny!!!!!!

  3. Nicolas has some great moves that would even impress John Travolta. Wish I had half his energy! Mom

  4. I can only imagine all the girlfriends this guy is going to have in a few years!!



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