13 November 2009

Autumn colors in Metz

With the arrival of autumn, Metz has metamorphosed into an entirely new city.  When I first came to France in September, it was mostly green and very lush, with only hints of yellow here and there.  Almost two months later, the city is transformed.  I feel as though I need to 're-explore' Metz, since everything looks different when clothed in the rich brocade of fall colors. Not a day passes that I don't marvel at the beauty of my city, that I don't thank God for bringing me here, that I don't think I've made the right decision.  

At the same time, not a day passes that I don't yearn to share all this with Jim, my family, and my best friends back home. There's only one thing I adore more than experiencing the beauty of the world... sharing it with the ones I love.

One of the most gorgeous views of Metz right now, le Jardin Botanique. (Botanical Gardens)

A dream house near the Botanical Gardens.

A carpet of golden leaves in the park near the Botanical Gardens.

Even without flowers, I love perfectly manicured French gardens.

One of my favorite places in Metz, ruins of a gothic church, 
11th century. 

Walking along the Moselle River

Old mill on the Moselle River, near le Plan d'Eau.


  1. Wow, that is absolutely stunning!

  2. My favorite is the top one! Love your photography! Mom

  3. Just beautiful! Fall is my favorite season. Paris is beautiful in a lot of ways, but expressing fall colors is not really one of them. Enjoy fall and your beautiful city!

  4. DANG. Can I come visit?


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