03 July 2009

FINALLY: The arrival of my Arrêté de Nomination!

At long last, it's here, my Arrêté de Nomination, which is my work contract.  My darling, yet nocturnal college student sister slept through an attempt at delivery yesterday morning, and so I had to wait until this morning to pick it up at the Post office. (ohhh the suspense!) Thankfully, I had today off, so I was there 15 minutes before opening, and the clock could not move quickly enough! I was so nervous about whether or not I would receive the contract length I wanted.

When the envelope was safely in my hands, I could not stop trembling with excitement, which made opening it take longer, and of course, put me in even more of a panic.  Once I had torn the envelope open, my eyes darted all over the page, scanning for the vital information... This took awhile too, as the document is entirely in French. Ahh, there it was! 9 months!!! Primary!!! Exactly what I wanted! Sweet relief!

Now that I have my Arrêté, the next step is to travel to French Consulate in Chicago to obtain my visa, which will give me the legal right to work France. 

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