22 September 2012

Three years ago today...

Three years ago today, I stepped onto a plane with two suitcases and a stomach full of butterflies. I landed on a new continent, without even an apartment arranged, without a single friend, and somehow managed to carve out an existence working in a career that had nothing to do with my diploma. It was terrifying, lonely, often painful... and utterly marvelous. What was supposed to last only nine months ended up becoming permanent. I look at the past three years, the amazing places I've seen, the precious friendships I've made, the love I've lost, the love I've found, the lessons learned... the evolution of my character. Here's to my beautiful, complicated, adopted country. Je t'aime, la France.


  1. Just from reading your story represented here, it's hard to believe it's been only three years...you certainly have packed an amazing amount of life in a short period of time -- here's to many, many years more!

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