23 March 2010

My French Studio

I've been in the new place a month now, and I must say, my stress level has plummeted. I'm enjoying the new found freedoms of living on my own, the greatest of which is being back in the center of the action, Metz centre-ville.  I'm loving my workstation for painting, my two glorious windows which provide lovely natural light.  Outside, I step onto a beautiful medieval street, one of the oldest parts of the city.  Steps away are my favorite boulangerie, shopping, my other assistant friends and of course, my beloved Cathedral.  

Of course, the euphoria had hardly begun when darling France decided to throw yet another obstacle my way.  

A few days into my stay here, when the depression over the move was finally subsiding, I noticed mysterious bites appearing on my body, and as the weeks passed, they multiplied all over my arms, legs, and back.  Larger and more unbearable than mosquito bites, and curiously more numerous after a good night's sleep-- oh god, could it be?  A Google search quickly confirmed my worst fear: bedbugs (in French, punaises.)

The problem on its own was easily solved with a few chemical treatments of the room, but it seemed more terrible than it probably was since it was the latest in a succession of misfortunes to befall me in a short period of time. On second thought, no, it was pretty damn terrible even as an isolated incident!

At times, I liken France to the ultimate lover: beautiful, enveloping, and irresistible.  At the same time, she is aloof, out of my league, and delights in torturing me... It's like a game for her. Like a moth to the flame, I keep coming back for more, because the fact is, I love her so unconditionally, I would be honored to have her walk all over me for the rest of my life.  :-)

Joking aside, I wouldn't trade my experience in France for all the world.  The evolution of my strength of character, the friends I've made, my progression in the language, and the little unexpected details that pop up unexpectedly... all of this makes my life more complete.

I never would have imagined emerging from this devastating situation, but the fact is, I am enormously at peace now. It happened in a painful way, but each day that passes, I'm more and more convinced it's for the best. I may no longer have a view of the glorious cathedral, but now, I'm close enough to hear the bells.

I've converted the table into my art station.

The courtyard outside my window. 

Natural light in the evening has a lovely effect.


  1. Very homey and charming. Mom

  2. Wow your studio looks lovely, well done on coming through the situation intact (minus the bedbug bites)

  3. C'est Beaux!!


  4. Ton article me touche! Merci pour tes gentils compliments vis-à-vis de mon pays!


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