15 December 2009

Metz Illuminated

Walking through Metz at Christmas time is one of my favorite pleasures of life in France. Seeing my beautiful city illuminated like a fairyland just fills me with joy, and temporarily makes me forget the bitter cold.  The Christmas markets only add to the splendor of Metz after dark, but the lights alone are worth seeing.  No photo could possibly do justice to the sights here, not even my fancy new Canon.  It's times like this I wish I could share this with my loved ones at home.
Christmas tree in front of the train station

Street leading to the Cathedral of Saint-Etienne

The cathedral itself seems to take on a different glow this time of year. 
I may be the only person who notices that.

Centre Saint-Jacques, completely covered with tiny lights

Carousel at Place Saint-Louis

Rue Serpenoise and throngs of Christmas shoppers

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